Western Civ II Lesson 90: The Arguments of Spencer, the Basic Message of the Utopian Socialists, and Neoclassicism.

1. Summarize the arguments of either Spencer or Molinari (whichever one you read this week).

      Spencer wrote that humans are governed by need, this common denominator is what forms societies. Governments are then formed to keep the societies in line. Thus competition is created in the market, giving the consumer the best price.

2. What was the basic message of the utopian socialists?

      They believed that the people should willingly move into socialism by handing over their rights to the government. This differs from other socialists such as Marxists who believe in revolutionary change.

3. What were the characteristics of neoclassicism? Give one example o f neoclassicism and show how it embodies at least one of these characteristics.

     Neoclassicism was an art style that was born of the age of enlightenment in the eighteenth century. It was a callback to the traditional art of ancient Greece and Rome. These pieces were created to uphold an elegantly simplistic ideal image. They were clean and not very brightly colored.

     Great Odalisque by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres is the painting I chose as my example. While the woman pictured is wearing a very elaborate headpiece, the subject herself is quite simple, as is the background. The colors are beautiful but not bright.


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