Western Civ II Lesson 75: The Industrial Revolution, the Standard-of-Living Debate, and Britain’s Abolition of Slavery in Overseas Colonies.

1. What, in a nutshell, was the Industrial Revolution?
The Industrial Revolution was a time of great technological advancement which occurred during the nineteenth century. Many factories were built during that period, which greatly increased the production of goods. There were also many new inventions at that time.

2. What was the standard-of-living debate?
The standard-of-living debate discussed the ramifications of factory manufacturing and whether or not the cheap efficiency factories offered was worth it. Factories put a lot of people out of work, and in turn made new jobs; however, the wages were lower, and the jobs were dirty and dangerous.

(3) What were the different arguments that combined in Britain to pave the way for the abolition of slavery in that country’s overseas colonies?
One of the two main arguments against slavery is the humanitarian one. Obviously slavery is morally abhorrent, and people began to realize this. The second argument was that it was actually economically inferior, as the slaves still needed resources when they were not working due to the season.


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