Business I Lesson 120: 15 Benefits of The Ron Paul Curriculum

#1: Improved writing skills. My writing skills vastly improved with the Ron Paul Curriculum. Not only was the content better, but writing essays became so much easier. 

#2: Lack of social conditioning. Unlike schools, the political ideology is not conveyed nearly as prominently. The only place where I have seen politics come into view is when discussing socialism versus capitalism in my business class. In other words, students are not taught a specific political view in this curriculum.

#3: Flexibility. Unlike schools, RPC offers a flexible schedule. You can do stuff during the day, or easily travel outside of the busy seasons.

#4: Cost. RPC is very cost-efficient, with each course being only $50, plus the membership fee, which is $250 per year for the whole family.

#5: Forums. With the forums, RPC has a leg up on other curriculums. The forums allow students to interact, either to critique other student’s work, ask questions, or just chat.

#6: Free trial courses. RPC has multiple free trial courses, so you can get a feel for the format of RPC. 

#7: 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days after purchase. I started RPC in 8th grade, I liked it and my mom was happy with it as well, so my brother started the 4th-grade courses. It turned out that RPC was not for him, and my mom got all her money back. 

#8: WordPress blogs. I’m not sure where RPC got the idea to have students post their essays to a blog but it was pretty genius. If you’re reading this you’re probably on my blog right now. With my blog, anyone can read my essays and assignments. My friends, parents, and even my grandma read my essays. Plus the fact that literally anyone could read your essays at any time is a big incentive to make sure they are as well written as possible.

#9: Videos. With video-based lectures, I can pause my lesson to take notes, or go back if I missed something. I can watch them as many times as I like. I doubt real teachers would appreciate me pausing them every five seconds to take more notes, or asking them to repeat a specific part of their lecture they said 10 minutes ago.

#10: Self paced. If I want to I can speed up and knock out my lessons, or slow down to better understand them. That’s the advantage of having a self-paced curriculum. The time frame is tailored to the specific need of the student.

#11: CLEP courses. CLEP exams allow people to test out of college courses. RPC offers multiple CLEP cram courses so you can be as prepared as possible when taking the exams.

#12: Moderators. Some of the forums are monitored by the moderators. If you find a problem in the curriculum, such as a dead link or a typo, if you post it to certain forums the moderator will see it and contact the course developer. You can also ask them questions about the curriculum, or ask for technical support.

#13: Certain history and English courses correspond. This year I am unfortunately not taking history, which is sad because I find it so interesting and it is my favorite subject. However, there are two western literature and western civilization courses which correspond to each other, which I assume betters your understanding of both courses. 

#14: Business-focused. Throughout my time using RPC I have noticed they are very business-focused. They encourage entrepreneurship and even have two business courses. Last year I did Personal Finance for 8th grade. Every so often we would have lessons focused on a successful entrepreneur.

#15: Saving money on college. RPC’s goal is to help you save money on college. Whether it’s through CLEP exams, the business path, or the countless other alternatives to traditional college mentioned throughout the curriculum. They showed me choices I didn’t even know I had.

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